Summer Makeup Look

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What’s in my bag ?

I know I’ve been so inactive lately but I had so much things to do… I will be publishing a new article every Monday and Friday since I’m in summer vacation and I have a lot of free time 🙂

I decided to do a “What’s in my bag?”, I really like to read this kind of article and watch those videos on YouTube.


My bag in an Obag these bags are amazing you can create your own purse with differente bodies, handle, inserts and trims. Mine has Petrol Green Body and Long Purple Handles.

The design is really minimal and suprisingly the colors go really well with my everyday outfits.




Those 4 items are my go to items, I don’t leave my house without those 4.

1.We have an Under Armour Cap 

2. My makeup bag (if you want me to do an uptated what’s in my makeup bag tell me)

3. My Rose Gold Beats Solo Bluetooth

4. A Kat Von D Liquid lipstick in Lolita



FullSizeRender (2)

1. Victoria’s Secret Body Mist in Pure Seduction

2. Sun glasses

3. Hair Glossing Serum with grapeseed from The Body Shop

4. Bioderma Atoderm Hands & Nails cream

5. Gum and Tissues






img_2791-e1498220750904.jpg 1. Iphone and Samsung Charging Cable from PrimarkSpare Change

2. A birthday candle ( It was my birthday)

3. Wallet

4. Key Holder





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♡ Sephora Haul ♡


I know, I know I haven’t been uploading for quite a while but I’m back 🙂

I actually got items from Sephora at Paris and Sephora in Istanbul (where I live)




Sephora is probably my favorite shop in the entire world, I love wandering through the aisles and looking at all this colourful beauty products, swatching the products and smelling all the wonderful fragrances. All the colors, the textures, the new items, everything I love.





First thing I got from Paris is this Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water. I came across this totally randomly. I fell in love with the smell, it’s so unusual and so light. This shit removes your makeup so well and really gentle. I have really, really sensitive skin and this shit is awesome. It’s $20.00 but you get a bunch of product and I think it’s totally worth it.

I will repurchase and give 5/5



When I saw these… I fell in love. HudaBeauty Gisele #1 I wandered around the store with these on my hand thinking if I should get them or not and I finally decided to buy them. I love them but the only thing is that the band is way too thin for my liking. But the look is quite natural 🙂

It was $18 and I think you can get more lashes for less at the drugstore… but if you want some “high end” lashes, these are for you.

I probably won’t purchase them again and give 3/5


This next item was a crush when I saw it I grabbed it, without thinking.


So this is Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette by Becca Cosmetics Limited Edition, and the best face palette I have seen so far. This little “treasure” is fucking $52….
dsc_0889The packaging is really pretty and luxurious looking, it feels heavy on the hand, I can say that this feels pretty luxuriousdsc_0892              The blushes are really really really pigmented, a little goes a long way, trust me, same for the highlighters. The Champagne Pop highlighter (the rosy one) is perfect for lighter skin just like mine, but for summer the Processco pop is so pretty, it gives you this gold/ bronze shine. The formulas feel creamy  but they are all powders, they feel really fine.

I will repurchase if I can find it again and give a 4,5/5 for the price




My all time favorite concealer… Nars is maybe the only brand that has this light color, since I’m so white, drugstore concealers are usually too dark for me or orange. I picked the shade Light 1…. This concealer has a very creamy formula which gives you a high coverage for your dark circles and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all, once you bake it, it doesn’t crease and lasts all day long.

I will repurchase over and over again and give 5/5


Everytime I saw these I always wanted to get one and I finally did. Well it’s a hand sanitiser, nothing too crazy but the packaging is so cute and I love the look of it, it smells so good but the thing is that mine leaks a bit sometimes and the product is waisted, it doesn’t go a long way since there’s not much product. But I plan on refilling it with another hand sanitiser.

Even though it’s just $2.90 I won’t repurchase it and give a 3/5

So….Sephora is the reason I’m broke 🙂

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Friendship: My Journey

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”- Jim Morrison

When I was a little child I used to have two real best friends. We used to do everything together. At that time I was living in Paris. One of them moved really far away and we only got to see each other once a year. As the years passed I moved to Turkey and we grew up apart .

 I had a few friendships like this but nothing too serious.

I met this girl at the end of primary school, she was two years younger and we fought all the time. At this time we were not friend, we hated each other. Two years later I found out that she will be in the same bus as me. We were not friends since a few weeks later. We became the best friends ever. We were living really close to each other so we would hang out all the time. As the time passed she got me into a lot of trouble, I was too blind to see it but everyone around warned me about her, EVERYONE. We spent 4 years being best friends, we would fight, we would laugh, we would cry together, she was literally my sister. I’m not the kind of person that says to everyone “omg your are lit my sister” but she was just like a sister to me. So last year when school started everything was fine it was all normal, I had some new friends and she did too, I also got a boyfriend and that’s when she started being all weird etc. We would have lunch together sometimes but as the time passed we didn’t talk at all. One day I sent her a text saying “Whats going on ?” she sent me a text saying how bad of a friend I was… So that’s basically how me and my best friend were just strangers to each other…

In 2013 I met this guy on facebook, we started talking on what’s app and stuff like that. Few months passed and then we started developing a friendship. For the one who says ” a girl and a guy can’t be “just friends”” Yes they can, we were just FRIENDS just so it’s clear. At the end of June 2014 he came in Turkey to visit me and one of his really close friends who was also our mutual friend. I remember so well this day, I was so excited to finally get to see him in real life, we spend few hours together and he had to go… I still remember that moment, I hugged him and I started crying, he promised me that we would skype and still talk  everyday. We took pictures and when you look at those you can see how happy we were well at least I was, I don’t know about him…. I never met in real life someone that I met online, so it was the first time it happened (Disclaimer as I said we had a mutual friend that is in my school so I knew he was not a 50 years old pedophile). So he went back to his country. We were talking almost everyday for almost a year and that’s when things got a little bit odd… I would text him and he would ignore me and then text me 3 hours later, I would stay up late just so we could talk, he would not text me at all if I didn’t text him first… I remember so well it all started 2 weeks before the actual thing happened but we’ll get into this later. so he was oddly close to me, he would say stuff he never told me before, to be honest I was like ” Oh maybe he finally figured out that he was a fucking asshole” but no… Hold on, it was few days before our 2 years of friendship I was out with my family and he started texting me weird stuff but like really weird stuff I’m not gonna say what “he” told me because it was not him… All that night I was talking to his girlfriend, I not even gonna bother talking about her. Anyways she told me that since 2 weeks she wanted to do an experiment on me because she was suspicious that I had some feelings for him… how pathetic. She started insulting me and sending me voicenote with him laughing in the back… I don’t remember what she told me because the fact that she was hurting my feelings and having him laugh at this was just like a huge disappointment, I mean just imagine your best friend doing that to you, imagine how hurt you’ll be. At this moment I held back my tear because I didn’t want to ruin our dinner. Once we went back home I didn’t cry at all because at this point I was too surprised to think straight, I block his number. The next day, that’s when I realized what happened the night before and I had an emotional breakdown… Now it’s been almost a year since that fight and I’m doing really well.

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3 Mind blowing conspiracy theories !

Fist of all these are conspiracy “Theories” some people believe them and some don’t.

The Mandela effect 

The Mandela effect is when people remember something that actually didn’t happen or never existed… Confused yet ? Let me explain

Do you remember the Berenstein Bears actually a lot of people remember it just like you but when you look at the book now it’s Berenstain Bears. So the theory behind that is that our universe went into a parallel universe and little things have changed, but you still remember the thing before it got changed. That kinda explains why in the first universe it was Berenstein bears and it got changed into Berenstain bears,

Exemple we all remember the witch in Snow white says ” Mirror, Mirror on the wall…?” right ? Well it’s actually “Magic Mirror on the wall” you can check.

Interview with a vampire or Interview with the vampire ? It’s with THE vampire….

We all know this famous sentence “Luke I am your father” well it’s actually ” No, I am your father ” I checked !

Febreeze or Febreze ? It’s Febreze … How crazy ? I thought it was Febreeze but I checked it and it’s Febreze …

Avril Lavigne is Dead  ?

Apparently Avril was freaking out about the paparazzis and all this shit so she hired a lookalike called Melissa Vandela. Avril and Melissa got along really well, Melissa would walk around pretending to be Avril, so Avril could get rid of the paps. In 2003 Avril’s grandfather passed away and after that people say that she committed suicide and Melissa “became” Avril. When you look at pictures of her before 2003 and now there’s a huge different, her birthmarks, moles, pimples, her music changed, her voice, even her height got from 1,58m to 1,55 and now has a different nose shape. What do you think about this ?

Check this link: Avril Lavigne is Dead?

The airline companies want to kill us ?

If you’ve ever been on a plane you know about the “safe” crash position that is supposed to safe you from a plane crash, False!… Actually this position might not be safe at all.

You may or may not know but if your plane crashes and you survive you can sue the airline company. Because they don’t want you do sue them they actually teach you a position that actually kills you, how ? It’s simple head down, hug your knees, this will actually kill you because when the plane crashes your head hits the seat behind you and you break your neck, and this position keeps your teeth intact so they can identify your body…. I hope this is not true to be honest…


“Man will never fly” 

There is a “man will never fly” conspiracy theory that says that all airplanes are actually bullet trains and the passengers are fooled into thinking that they are flying. No need to say anything else…


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Iced Coffee Recipe

I’m so sorry I was so inactive lately but I’m back 🙂


So I’ve been drinking this for the past couple of days and I love it. This drink is sooooo easy and quick to do that once you made it you’ll drink it everyday !

Level: 1        Time: 5 mins

What you needDSC_0818

  •  Water
  • A class or a cup (I prefer a glass)
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Something to boil your water in
  • Ice

How to:

First of all I boil my water, you can also do it on the stove but I feel like the kettle is better and quicker.


After my water finally boils I put it in my glass I only fill 1/3 of it, here I use a thermos glass but you can use a regular glass as well.


Add the coffee, I use the Nescafe Gold but any other coffee will do. I don’t like my coffee to be too strong so I put 1,5 coffee spoon.


Because I have a sweet tooth I add 3 or 4 teaspoon of sugar. I know I put a lot of sugar in everything but I LOVE it.


Last but not least I put my ice in it. That’s pretty much it 🙂


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Liebster Award.

First of all I want to say a huge thank you to Rania Noor for nominating me for the Liebster award. Don’t forget to check out her blog :*.

The Rules 

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11 Facts about me

  1. I hate maths more than everything in this world
  2. I love Sushi
  3. I can’t sleep without my security blanket
  4. I love the country I live in, Turkey
  5. I’m 17 years old
  6. I want to study Gastronomy
  7. My blog is my favorite hobbie
  8. I own more makeup than I actually need
  9. I have 6 piercings
  10. I was vegetarian for 6 months, and I tried to be vegan for 3 days and I failed
  11. I love redecorating my room from time to time


Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I wanted to share my passion with as much people that have the same passions as I could. I also want to see where I can get my blog to.

What is your favourite place to travel to?

My favorite place to travel is my grandmother’s house in a really small countryside village in France.

Who is your role model? (Can include fictional characters as well)

My role model is my mom.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

I wish I could teleport myself anywhere so I don’t have to take the plane because it scares me so much.

If you could change anything about your life, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t change anything about my life.

Where do you find peace and beauty?

I find peace and beauty in the nature, it’s so pure and wonderful.

When was the last time you cried and why?

I cried because of the coup attempt that happened here in Turkey

What do you admire most in other people?

I admire the fact that everybody is different.

If you were given a million pounds, what would you do and why?

Let’s be honest. A million pound is a lot so I would donate half and spend the other half.

What is your greatest passion?

My greatest passions are cooking, makeup, blogging

What are you absolutely terrified of?

Air planes.

My questions

  1. Your favorite makeup brand ? (drugstore or high end)
  2. If you were gonna die tomorrow, what would you do during your last day ?
  3. What’s the #1 item on your wishlist ?
  4. All time favorite makeup product ?
  5. Where do you find inspiration ?
  6. Are you a messy person ?
  7. What is your worst fear ?
  8. What is your favorite song at the moment ?
  9. Top 5 favorite Youtubers ?
  10. Do you believe in ghosts ? Any experiences ?
  11. What do you think about plastic surgery ?

The nominees

Emily Rose

My Vanity Life

Pretty Honest Beauty Blog

Style Journal

The Cozy Corner

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Beauty Advices #1

So I decided I would do this new series about my personal advices. I will post this kind of article every friday.Hope you like it 🙂

A list of 4 advices is waiting for you, keep on scrolling down.

  1. Take of your makeup before bed. Doing this will allow your skin to breath and prevent break downs. Sleeping with your makeup can cause eye irritation and infections, your skin will age quicker, it can also cause bigger and dirty pores. I used to never take my makeup before bed but once I got use to it, it became a habit.DSC_0699
  2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize. In case you are wondering, yes there is a reason why I put this word three times. Moisturize your skin from the inside by drinking a lot of water. This will add a youthful glow to your skin, water is really important for our health and skin health. When I go to school I put a bottle of water in my bag and when I get bored in class I just drink some of it and I aim drinking 3 bottles a day, because it makes my bag heavier I force myself to drink as much as I can. If you want to know if you are drinking enough water you should check it out in the toilet, the lighter the color the better ;). Moisturize your skin from the outside by applying moisturizer. It is really important to moisturize you skin even if you have oily skin, as you age your skin starts to get drier, start moisturizing you skin early for a better skin when you age. Moisturize your hair, your hair suffers in various ways, the weather, the pollution, the sun, temperature changes etc…I like to put some castor oil on my split ends, and I also apply a hair serum from Pantene on my wet hair and also a hair milk from Ossion. I always let my hair air dry even in winter because blow drying it takes the moisture out of it, just like every hair styling tools, you can still use them but use a heat protecting spray just like the Tresemmé heat tamer spray.DSC_0741
  3. Never forget anything again. Do you forget things, because yes me too. I have little tips for you. If you forget your keys for example, before going out put them next to something you never forget maybe your phone or your purse. If you forget to do your homework, what I like to do is putting a reminder on my phone or writing it on my hand also you can text your friends from your class maybe you can create a whats app group for you class, that helps a lot to be honest.DSC_0722.jpg
  4. Keep your room organized. I like to clean my room but it might not be the case for everyone. If you are struggling with staying organized try getting boxes , by boxes I mean any kind of boxes even those Victoria’s Secret gift boxes, that’s what I do. If you have clothes laying around put them on your bed, so before going to bed you will have to fold them, DON’T throw them on a chair. If you have a messy desk get some desk organizers.DSC_0739.jpg

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I am so thankful for over 300 followers, I work hard I try to give you the best content I can, all of your support motivates me even more… I don’t know how to thank all of you, I wish I could thank every single one of you. I wasn’t expecting this at all, I know 300 is not a lot but it means the world to me. I started this blog to share what I love doing. I love spending hours doing those featured images, my blog banner, writing, responding to comments, everything about this blog makes me so happy ❤

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Favorite Youtubers.

Bunny Meyer ( Grav3yardgirl)

She was born August 3rd, 1983. She is a 30 years old american Youtuber that lives in Texas. Houston. She started her Youtube channel in 2010 as a paranormal video blogger and her channel transformed into a fashion/ beauty guru channel.Her channel has over 7 million subscribers.

I love her because she is funny and more important, she is herself, she is different and sweet. Her videos are always so entertaining and interesting. Check her channel: Grav3yardgirl


Vanessa Gabriela Martinez (Simplynessa15)

Vanessa is an american youtuber born in 1996. She does storytime videos,  fashion and beauty related videos. Her channel gained popularity in 2015.

At first I didn’t really liked her but as I binge watched her videos I started loving her, she is so unique and different. Her videos are awesome. Don’t forget to check her channel: Simplynessa15


Channon Rose

Channon Rose is an american youtuber born in 1985 in California. Ex pron star and Youtuber, she posts storytime videos, fashion, beauty. She had a can accident when she was 16 that left her some injuries. She is married.

I started watching her videos because Tana Mongeau has a story time with her.She is a really funny woman and has a lot of interesting videos. Check her channel: Channon Rose 

channon rose

Payton and Mikahl Caci ( Caci Twins)

Payton and Mikahl are 17 years old Identical twin sisters who started youtube in March 2015. They do storytimes, challenges etc… They are from Las Vegas, Nevada.

I discovered them not so long ago, but I watched all her videos XD Their videos are awesome they are both so pretty and funny. As long as I watched their videos I started knowing who is Payton and who is Mikahl, eventhough they are identical twins they are not 100% the same. Check their channel: Caci Twins 


I hope you guys liked this video and that you will enjoy watching the channels I recommended, feel free to like and comment 🙂

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My Holiday Morning Routine.



This year I decided to spend my summer holiday at home, a lot of thing is happening in the world, even in my country. After all decided to do this little morning routine.

When I wake up I’m usually alone, except some days. First of all I go to the bathroom to wash my face and apply toner. I usually brush my teeth after I took my breakfast but today I actually did everything all at once.


After I washed my face I go to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Today I made myself some watermelon juice. Watermelon is by far my favorite summer fruit. I couldn’t eat because of the pain of the rubber bands I have on for my braces.

While I drink my watermelon juice I play this new game I’m obsessed with (Best Fiends) and I go on Instagram.

And now my least favorite thing… I clean the dishes… Eventhough I hate doing this after it’s done it makes me happy to see all the clean stuff laying around.


Once the dishes are clean I go back to my room to pick an outfit. I picked this DIY halter top with these loose grey pants.


So that’s pretty much it, I hope you guys liked this article, feel free to like and comment.

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